We specialize in pain free & natural dentistry.

The Dental Edge

We are one of only a few dental practices in Utah valley currently offering laser dentistry. With this technology, we are able to provide painless dental care that requires no numbing, or anesthetics. With over 18 years of experience, you can trust that The Dental Edge will provide the best dental experience for you & your family.

Our Patients

  • I have been seeing Dr. Flick for more than 15 years. I was so frightened of dentists that on my first visit I asked him to give me a tranquilizer before he worked on my teeth. He obliged me and the experience was a positive one. Since that first visit, I have never asked for a tranquilizer again. I don’t believe anyone loves to visit a dentist, but I can honestly say that Dr. Flick has considerably alleviated my anxieties about having dental work done. Dr. Flick has performed the following dental work on my teeth: fillings, root canals, and cap replacements. A member of his staff cleans my teeth periodically. All work has been done quickly, thoroughly, and professionally. Prices are very reasonable and Dr. Flick is willing to work with you on your balance payments.

    L. Labare
  • Dr. Flick and his crew are the best dental service one could ever have. Just this week, I called his office because my husband had a broken crown and the first thing his secretary said to me was “don’t worry, we would take care of your husband.” They told me to go right away to make sure my husband was doing ok. At the moment we got there, they took my husband in and Dr. flick took care of his needs. Dr. Flick is a dentist that cares for his clients and is always willing to help them with anything at anytime.

    R. Aguirre
  • I absolutely love my family dentist! If anyone is considering changing, I highly recommend Dr. Steven Flick’s office. Not only do they make your teeth look great and stay healthy, but they are friendly making sure to get to know you and your family enough to catch up each time you go in.

    C. Beaumont
  • Dr. Flick and his office staff are a group of people that are dedicated to helping their clients. I had an unexpected tooth problem where I needed to be seen as soon as possible. I had never had such experience before with my teeth. I know that Dr. Flick has a generally busy schedule and so I was not sure if my tooth problem would be taken care of as fast as I needed it. Fortunately, Dr. Flick’s secretary made it possible to be seen in the morning! Dr. Flick not only took care of my immediate tooth problem, but also saw another possible area where it could be a contributing factor to my tooth problem, and immediately took care of it that day. I have had great experiences in Dr. Flick’s office with my general cleanings and my most recent emergency experience. I also know Dr. Flick has the most competent, kind secretaries who always receive you with a smile and made your visit a pleasant one. I will highly recommend Dr. Flick and his staff to anyone looking for a quality service.

    M. March
  • My husband and I have been going to see Dr. Flick for two years and have had exceptional experiences every time. We see them twice a year and look forward to going back. The receptionists are always kind and welcoming and the hygienists are funny and upbeat, making us feel incredibly comfortable and happy. We discovered Dr. Flick by word of mouth from my sister in-law, who was having jaw problems. She visited the Dental Edge and couldn’t say enough good things. We have been going there ever since. I really enjoy going to visit the dentist now because it has been such a positive experience. The office is in a nice building, accessible, and clean. The services are affordable and professional. I recommend the Dental Edge and Dr. Flick to anyone!

    L. McDonald